Wednesday, November 8, 2017

A Stylish & Glam Seattle Home Tour

Hello! Kayla here, with a local home tour that I for one am psyched about. I first saw this home on West Elm's blog Front + Main a couple weeks ago and it was basically love at first sight. Older builds like this 1947 Cape Cod-style home are my one true love (despite my boyfriend's insistence that the maintenance would be a nightmare), but I really can't resist; there's just so much more craftsmanship, character, and love involved in most older homes. I internally scream at the thought of living in a cookie-cutter new build in a neighborhood of tightly-packed houses that are all basically one of three or four different layouts. No thank you.

Now enter this **stunning** home owned and decorated by Washington native Emily Ruff of Cohesively Curated. It is both classic and glamorous, yet comfy and affordable. The whole house looks as if it cost about three times as much to decorate and renovate as it probably actually did. It's impressive how far a bit of paint, some snazzy hardware, and a good decorating sense can go. And the best part: if you stalk and mull over Target's shelves as much as I do then your eyes will be able to spy a WHOLE BUNCH of Target pieces amongst the photos; that's in addition to items from Anthropologie and of course West Elm (I NEED this Benson dresser stat).

 All in all the renovations made to the house were relatively simple. The most impressive work that went into this house is the decor and the styling (in my opinion). If you're interested in hearing more about the process, be sure to hop on over to Emily's blog as well as read the article written by Maxwell Tielman for West Elm. Now let's enjoy the glamor shots shall we?

This velvet turquoise couch and the oversize floral artwork in the background (can you believe it's a DIY??) are the real stars of the show in this house. This is definitely the room that makes the biggest statement style-wise, and all the other decor in the room falls nicely in line with these focal points. The coffee table, chairs, and pillows are stylish and chic but not overly fussy, allowing the couch to really have it's moment. Two thumbs up here for sure!

In case you haven't heard yet, chrome finishes are making a big comeback on the design scene, and this dining room incorporates it well. The chairs as well as the bar cart and mirror provide a subtle yet sophisticated pop, while the warmer beige colors throughout the dining room help to cool the chrome down and balance it out. This room is a perfect example of how metals can easily be mixed so long as it's done in moderation.

My other great love is this KITCHEN! While I would love to have a little more counter space to work with, this little kitchen is just so well done that I'd forgive it almost anything. Marble countertops and subway tile backsplash are my DREAM. It's also the polar opposite of what my boyfriend likes so as you can see we are going to have a LOT of fun house shopping. I need to start practicing my compromise skills. 

In addition to the marble, the light-colored cabinetry helps to reflect a lot of natural light, creating a space that is perfectly bright and airy. Can you imagine the Instagram photos?? The brass cabinet pulls also do a good job of tying in the kitchen by echoing all of the gold and brass hardware throughout the rest of the house. The kitchen is almost too pretty to cook in.

The den is darker and a little moodier than the rest of the house thanks to the black trim. It also has a much more masculine feel, and it's amazing to me how much of a difference the black walls make even though the other colors and textures present in the room (cognac leather, wood, marble, blue velvet) are exactly the same as most of the other rooms in the house. 

Last of all, the bedroom. It's dark blue walls makes the room feel so zen, and it's a design trend that definitely continues to grow in popularity. White and beige textiles throughout the room as well as a light-wooded dresser framed in white help to not make the dark walls feel quite so heavy and brooding. As with most things, compromise and balance is key. Also, can we talk about the window for just a sec? It's complete with both a lovely cream Roman shade and a pair of crisp white curtains hanging from a brass and lucite curtain rod that is attached directly to the ceiling. The whole thing just works so well. Consider my mind blown. I'm definitely filing this clever idea away for the future.

So what do you think? Are you ready to move in yet? 

If you liked this post, feel free to check out some other Seattle-area home tours here and here. Seattle interior designers are near and dear to my heart, and I absolutely love getting the opportunity to share beautiful homes like this one. 

Happy Wednesday! XOXO

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