My name is Kayla Krantz. I was born and raised in Western Washington and grew up with a love for my native Pacific Northwest and all the beauty it has to offer. I currently work as a barista in Seattle and have a passion for interior design and lifestyle blogging on the side. I'm not perfect, as my little corner of the Internet here will no doubt attest to, but I am committed to being genuine. I don't have a photographer boyfriend to follow me around 24/7 and take pics of all my outfits, I don't have any sponsored content from hot brands and I definitely don't have a webmaster on retainer to make and keep my blog beautiful. It is my hope to take this humble little blog of mine back to the essence of what a blog is; not a business but a simple reflection of the things I love, the things that inspire me, and the things that I want. Here you'll find everything from interior design trends and books I love to highlights on talented artists and products I simply HAVE to have. I hope you'll come back to visit soon!

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