Monday, December 11, 2017

Last Minute, No Fuss Gift Ideas

Photo: Boxwood Clippings

Can you believe that Christmas is less than two weeks away? For us, that means things are really starting to come down to the wire, and while the little ones are excitedly counting down the nights until Santa visits their house, the adults are anxiously watching the dwindling days they have left to get their holiday shopping done! 

If you're a last-minute shopper, then you may already be starting to notice that certain popular items are starting to become unavailable, especially toys and outerwear in certain sizes. The time you have left to order gifts online is coming to an end also, as shipping congestion will start to make it harder and harder for packages to be shipped and delivered on-time. But have no fear! There are still plenty of gift options available out there that are in-stock and easy to pick up in-store or order online if you do so soon (a.k.a. perfect for last minute shoppers.) 

Need some inspiration? Check out some of my favorite no fuss gift ideas below. There is no apparel, no frantically texting around to figure out what size you need to get. And the best part? Everything on the list is $45 or less, so there's no need to shell out hundreds of dollars for gifts that your friends and family will love. 

1. "Grey Girl In Chair" Art Print ($40): Have someone on your list that would appreciate a pretty piece of art this Christmas? Check them off with this gorgeous watercolor print by artist Laurie Anne Gonzalez. Dress it up with this frame to create a great presentation that's ready to hang.

2. 9 Bottle Gold Wine Rack ($29.99): Have a wine lover in your life? A bottle of wine and a pretty gold wine rack to put it on will make the perfect holiday gift this year.

3. Voluspa Cut Glass Jar Candles ($28): You can never really go wrong with a good candle. It's the Old Reliable of gift giving, and while it's not super exciting it is a gift that you can always show up to a party or small family gathering with as a token of giving (and you won't have a difficult time finding one!)

4. Decorative Gold Metal Bowls w/ Tray ($19.99): These decorative bowls are a lovely gift for the entertainer on your list, and it's also multi-functional.

5. Rose Gold Cocktail Shaker ($12.99): A cocktail shaker is a staple for any home bar, yet it's one that many people don't have (myself included). Give your bartenders-at-heart the tools they need to mix of some amazing cocktails just in time for the New Year.

6. Monogram Old Fashioned Glass w/ Gold Rim ($4.99): These monogramed old fashioned glasses are beautiful in person and are a great way to add a personalized touch. Gift these along with a bottle of your favorite whiskey or some beautiful coasters (see below) and you're set.

7. Hey There Pumpkin Doormat ($45): This doormat is so adorable, I just had to include it. Ryan and I received a pretty doormat for Christmas last year and we love it. Functional yet decorative gifts are always appreciated.

8. Glass Whiskey Decanter w/ Wood Stopper ($9.99): A decanter is something everyone needs, even if they don't know it. A whisky or wine decanter can greatly elevate the presentation as well as the flavor of your favorite alcoholic beverage, and they're generally a very affordable gift.

9. Marble + Wood Cutting Board ($39): Cheese boards and trays are another must-have gift for any hostess or homebody. They can serve so many different purposes, and they're also just pretty to look at. If you have anyone on your shopping list that loves to decorate or host, this gift is a surefire winner.

10. White + Gold Stoneware Coasters ($9.99): I go through coasters like crazy. They get stained, wear out, and I'm always on the lookout for a new set. Pair a set of pretty coasters with some glasses and you've got a solid gift for just about anyone.

11. Vintage Pottery Plate ($13.50): For the person in your life that loves a bit of vintage flair, this ceramic dish is a unique, non-generic Christmas gift. Gifts like these make my inner anthropologist VERY happy, and I'm resisting the urge to scoop this piece up for myself!

12. Rounded Square Marble Serving Tray ($24.99): All marble everything! Marble homewares are always well received and are very on-trend, singling you out as the gift giver who knows what's up.

There's still enough time left before Christmas morning to scrounge up some really great gifts for the people remaining on your list. Many of the items above are from Target and are in-stock in most stores (even if they may be unavailable for shipping online), so check out the inventory available at your local Target store on and go shopping as soon as possible for the best possible selection.

Happy shopping friends, and Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 4, 2017

Holiday Art Looks From Minted

Hey all! Today I have a blog post that I threw together just for the fun of it. Now that it's FINALLY December I'm really starting to get into the mood for the winter/holiday season ahead, so I decided to create four different seasonal gallery wall looks based on artwork from Minted's Winter Themed Art collection. Happy Monday!

This first arrangement is nice and simple, perfect for placing on top of a mantel or a credenza/sideboard. I actually saw this arrangement featured on the Minted website and fell in love with it, it's such a winning combination. 

This arrangement definitely brings out a winter woodsy feel without feeling too cold or monochromatic. The birch wood frames help to add a little warmth to the composition while the abstract lake print adds a nice pop of blue to this otherwise minimal gallery wall.

This gallery wall composition is much more neutral than any of the others. It makes me think of snow falling quietly in the woods and fog swirling gently around mountains and valleys.  I still mixed in some birch wood frames with the black and white ones to not make it feel too cold; I tried to style a wall with all black frames but it was too... frigid to me (for lack of a better word). 

Gold is my favorite color, and I really wanted to put together a wall where this color was central. Golden frames as well as touches of gold foil in the artwork really let this color shine, and will help make your space feel warm and festive. I also mixed in some blue as it pairs really well with the gold, plus mixing in another color helps keep the gold from feeling too overwhelming. 

If you have never shopped at Minted or looked at their selection of amazing art prints I highly recommend it! Minted prints even make a great Christmas present if you're still looking for gift ideas. 

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

A Stylish & Glam Seattle Home Tour

Hello! Kayla here, with a local home tour that I for one am psyched about. I first saw this home on West Elm's blog Front + Main a couple weeks ago and it was basically love at first sight. Older builds like this 1947 Cape Cod-style home are my one true love (despite my boyfriend's insistence that the maintenance would be a nightmare), but I really can't resist; there's just so much more craftsmanship, character, and love involved in most older homes. I internally scream at the thought of living in a cookie-cutter new build in a neighborhood of tightly-packed houses that are all basically one of three or four different layouts. No thank you.

Now enter this **stunning** home owned and decorated by Washington native Emily Ruff of Cohesively Curated. It is both classic and glamorous, yet comfy and affordable. The whole house looks as if it cost about three times as much to decorate and renovate as it probably actually did. It's impressive how far a bit of paint, some snazzy hardware, and a good decorating sense can go. And the best part: if you stalk and mull over Target's shelves as much as I do then your eyes will be able to spy a WHOLE BUNCH of Target pieces amongst the photos; that's in addition to items from Anthropologie and of course West Elm (I NEED this Benson dresser stat).

 All in all the renovations made to the house were relatively simple. The most impressive work that went into this house is the decor and the styling (in my opinion). If you're interested in hearing more about the process, be sure to hop on over to Emily's blog as well as read the article written by Maxwell Tielman for West Elm. Now let's enjoy the glamor shots shall we?

This velvet turquoise couch and the oversize floral artwork in the background (can you believe it's a DIY??) are the real stars of the show in this house. This is definitely the room that makes the biggest statement style-wise, and all the other decor in the room falls nicely in line with these focal points. The coffee table, chairs, and pillows are stylish and chic but not overly fussy, allowing the couch to really have it's moment. Two thumbs up here for sure!

In case you haven't heard yet, chrome finishes are making a big comeback on the design scene, and this dining room incorporates it well. The chairs as well as the bar cart and mirror provide a subtle yet sophisticated pop, while the warmer beige colors throughout the dining room help to cool the chrome down and balance it out. This room is a perfect example of how metals can easily be mixed so long as it's done in moderation.

My other great love is this KITCHEN! While I would love to have a little more counter space to work with, this little kitchen is just so well done that I'd forgive it almost anything. Marble countertops and subway tile backsplash are my DREAM. It's also the polar opposite of what my boyfriend likes so as you can see we are going to have a LOT of fun house shopping. I need to start practicing my compromise skills. 

In addition to the marble, the light-colored cabinetry helps to reflect a lot of natural light, creating a space that is perfectly bright and airy. Can you imagine the Instagram photos?? The brass cabinet pulls also do a good job of tying in the kitchen by echoing all of the gold and brass hardware throughout the rest of the house. The kitchen is almost too pretty to cook in.

The den is darker and a little moodier than the rest of the house thanks to the black trim. It also has a much more masculine feel, and it's amazing to me how much of a difference the black walls make even though the other colors and textures present in the room (cognac leather, wood, marble, blue velvet) are exactly the same as most of the other rooms in the house. 

Last of all, the bedroom. It's dark blue walls makes the room feel so zen, and it's a design trend that definitely continues to grow in popularity. White and beige textiles throughout the room as well as a light-wooded dresser framed in white help to not make the dark walls feel quite so heavy and brooding. As with most things, compromise and balance is key. Also, can we talk about the window for just a sec? It's complete with both a lovely cream Roman shade and a pair of crisp white curtains hanging from a brass and lucite curtain rod that is attached directly to the ceiling. The whole thing just works so well. Consider my mind blown. I'm definitely filing this clever idea away for the future.

So what do you think? Are you ready to move in yet? 

If you liked this post, feel free to check out some other Seattle-area home tours here and here. Seattle interior designers are near and dear to my heart, and I absolutely love getting the opportunity to share beautiful homes like this one. 

Happy Wednesday! XOXO

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Hearth & Hand For Target Holiday Preview

Hearth & Hand For Target Holiday Preview | Kayla Lynn

You guys. You already know that I am obsessed with all things Target but the new collaboration between Magnolia Home and Target has me chomping at the bit to max out my credit card and buy EVERYTHING. If you know nothing about the Gaines's then I highly recommend you pause where you are right now and turn on an episode of Fixer Upper With Chip and Joanna Gaines in the background (the episodes are free to stream from HGTV's website). Have it on? Awesome, you may now proceed with this blog post. Don't have it on? That's ok, proceed with the post anyway (but you're missing out!!).

Hearth & Hand For Target Holiday Preview | Kayla Lynn
Hearth & Hand For Target Holiday Preview

The new Hearth & Hand With Magnolia holiday collection launches in store and online this weekend on Nov. 5 (so close, you guys!), and you can bet that I am counting down the seconds and stalking the Target website like a crazy person. There is SO MUCH coming with the new collection; pillows, Christmas decorations, gifts and gift wrap, plates, glassware, pajamas, various textiles, candles. There are even pet products (Sammy is getting a new dog bed for Christmas. And probably also this bone). The products definitely have a cozy farmhouse vibe, in addition to an industrial touch from all the galvanized steel and mixed metal accessories. Overall, the new line is large and versatile enough to be able to mix and match your favorite pieces to fit pretty much any aesthetic you want, which is awesome.

Hearth & Hand For Target Holiday Preview | Kayla Lynn

Hearth & Hand For Target Holiday Preview | Kayla Lynn

Hearth & Hand For Target Holiday Preview | Kayla Lynn

The ceramic pitchers, stoneware dishes, nesting houses, and the beaded wood garland pictured on the tree above are minimal and organic enough for the perfect Scandinavian Christmas vibe. If the industrial loft look is more your thing then you will have a field day with this collection for obvious reasons; there are plenty of raw and rugged textures to work with including the galvanized metal tree collar above. Mix in wooden textures, lots of linens, and even some vintage pieces with the metal accents for a more traditional farmhouse/shabby chic vibe. And if you're going for a slightly more feminine holiday look, then all of the gold/brass and green foliage accents will be your best friend. 

Hearth & Hand For Target Holiday Preview | Kayla Lynn

Hearth & Hand For Target Holiday Preview | Kayla Lynn

Hearth & Hand For Target Holiday Preview | Kayla Lynn

The Hearth & Home collection basically has everything you could possibly want to decorate your home this holiday season, and I hope all of you check it out when it releases on Sunday because it is just too good to miss out on. Below I've previewed some of my favorite accessories but my list really only scratches the surface of the 100+ items that will be available so take the time to look through the selection because you're sure to find something you love. 

Hearth & Home For Target Holiday Preview | Kayla Lynn

What are your favorite products from the new Hearth & Home line? Let me know in the comments below.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Decorating With Vintage Portraits

Decorating With Vintage Portraits | Kayla Lynn
Photo: Studio McGee

If you pay attention to interior design trends at all, you've likely already noticed that vintage artwork has become a staple in any modern eclectic home. Portraits in particular are making themselves perfectly at home on mantles, shelves, walls, and credenzas everywhere, and while this trend isn't exactly new on the scene, it is one that continues to pick up steam and I for one am ready to jump on board! I have always loved homes that feel cozy and lived-in with a collection of new and old pieces. Whether you're looking to add a touch of quirk, humor, mystery, or an interesting pop of color to your space, you can bet that there is the perfect portrait out there for you. 

Vintage artwork can be either expensive or affordable depending on where you look. If price is less of a barrier for you, then the vintage online shop Chairish will be your best friend! It's a beautifully curated online store filled with the most amazing vintage finds, from artwork and furniture to barware and one-of-a-kind decorative trinkets. Etsy is the second-best place to search for vintage portraits, in my opinion. The prices tend to be much more affordable than the popular and on-trend Chairish marketplace, however the selection fluctuates and can be hit or miss. If you're feeling especially motivated, shopping at local flea markets and antique stores is probably the ultimate way to dig up something special. Some of the most stunning portraits I've seen have come from tiny little flea markets; all it takes is a bit of patience and perhaps even a little bit of luck.

The most important thing is to find a painting that speaks to you in some way. Does it make you smile? Does it make you laugh? Do you just love the colors or the composition? Are you intrigued by the person in the portrait and wonder what they're thinking? Does the person remind you of yourself or someone you know? Whatever it is, it's imperative that you find something that you like and which will work in your space. 

So if you're looking to add a bit of character to your home or office, vintage portraits just might be the way to go! Not to mention it's a really great conversation starter for when you have guests over. You can check out some well-designed examples below as well as shop some of my favorite recent finds at the end of the post! 

Decorating With Vintage Portraits | Kayla Lynn
Photo: Super Marché Shop
Decorating With Vintage Portraits | Kayla Lynn
Photo: Jojotastic 
Decorating With Vintage Portraits | Kayla Lynn
Photo: Domino
Decorating With Vintage Portraits | Kayla Lynn
Photo: Black Lacquer Design
Decorating With Vintage Portraits | Kayla Lynn
Photo: sfgirlbybay
Decorating With Vintage Portraits | Kayla Lynn
Photo: Timothy Godbold
Decorating With Vintage Portraits | Kayla Lynn
Photo: Brittany Makes
Decorating With Vintage Portraits | Kayla Lynn
Photo: Turbulences Deco
Decorating With Vintage Portraits | Kayla Lynn
Photo: sfgirlbybay
Decorating With Vintage Portraits | Kayla Lynn
Photo: Design*Sponge
Decorating With Vintage Portraits | Kayla Lynn
Photo: Country Style Magazine
Decorating With Vintage Portraits | Kayla Lynn
Photo: sfgirlbybay

Decorating With Vintage Portraits | Kayla Lynn

XOXO, Kayla

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Favorite Little Pins No. 3

Favorite Little Pins No. 3 | Kayla Lynn

1. This Abbotsford design project by Dan Gayfer Design comes complete with a beautiful dusty pink walk-in shower. Approached by Australian concrete building company Anston Architectural, Gayfer has been tasked with designing "a series of small yet habitable spaces" that showcase Anston Architectural's products in both "typical and unexpected applications." It's a project that's definitely worth taking a look at!

2. If you're still holding on to rosé season like me, then you'll want to give this Lavender Lemon Rosé cocktail recipe from A Fabulous Fete a try! Made with a mix of fresh lemon juice, homemade lemon + lavender simple syrup, and sparkling rosé, this bubbly little concoction will help you bring your favorite summery pink drink indoors.

3. #ICYMI: Retro stripes are back everyone! Just take it from style blogger Danielle Gervino of Pineapple & Prosecco. Over the course of the summer we've seen a steady return in 90s style in general (I'm having childhood flashbacks to chokers and embroidered jeans), so it was only a matter of time before colorful retro striped patterns followed suit. Who else is here for this comeback?

4. All hail the flower crown. This bridal trend is still going strong this fall, and a crown of winter greenery is the perfect touch for any fall or winter brides-to-be out there. I just love this photo, it's such a stunning up-do and crown combo, it's been all over my Pinterest feed lately. (Note: I haven't been able to track down the original source of the photo so if anyone out there recognizes it feel free to let me know!)

5. Give me a good flower shop or market bouquet (and a pink wall to take a photo in front of) any day! This bouquet find by blogger Jaci Smith is just pure perfection.

Want to see more pins like these? Then be sure to follow along with me on Pinterest for your daily dose of Pinspiration.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

A Millennial Love Letter To IKEA

A Millennial Love Letter To IKEA | Kayla Lynn
Photo: The Everygirl

Oh, IKEA. You are the Swedish furniture warehouse of every college student and twenty-something's dreams. When back-to-school season starts, you had better believe that the line just to get into the parking lot extends a block or two past the massive shopping complex itself. Young people preparing to move into new dorms and apartments attempt to weave their way through chaotic parking lots and overcrowded loading docks, wheeling their purchases on unruly carts that attempt to go in any direction but forward. Then begins the attempt to stuff long flat-packed boxes of disassembled furniture into parents' cars or into rented Zipcars (millennials don't own cars, after all). 

The trip to IKEA is a ritual that almost everyone in my generation takes part in eventually. On a shoestring budget, you just can't turn down an $8 LACK side table or the infamous KALLAX shelving system (whose uses, by the way, are practically limitless). It may only last a year or two, but shoot, everything is cheap and you can pretty much furnish your entire apartment for a fraction of the cost of shopping elsewhere (and without having to brave awkward Craigslist encounters). Beds, futons, tables, dishes, a cute little desk plant-- IKEA always comes through. The IKEA pilgrimage has basically become a symbol of my generation's lifestyle; broke, constantly on the move, and remarkably unconcerned about quality furniture. That isn't to say that we won't develop a taste for finer things eventually; we'll buy cars and houses and have kids at some day in the future when we strike it big and land our dream job, right? Right. 

IKEA seems to have cracked the millennial code, enjoying tremendous success in catering to consumers in the 18-30 year old bracket who are far more concerned about saving their money or spending their money on experiences like travel rather than on things. Not only are the people in this category on the move, flocking to large cities to chase dreams and avoid settling down, they are also attempting to navigate a job market that is far and away more competitive and tough to catch a break in than what our parents before us faced. In their time, if you had any college degree at all you were pretty much set; life was figured out. In the case of their children, however, you can pretty much forget about mortgages and car payments (and definitely forget about buying expensive furniture sets); for many in my generation its a small blessing just to come up with rent for your tiny 500sq. ft. studio apartment that costs $1300+/month  and doesn't even have a bedroom door (hello VIDGA). 

So with little money leftover after paying for our ridiculously expensive city apartment, we scrounge up whatever furniture we can get for free from friends and family and fill in the rest at IKEA. What I love about the Scandinavian retail giant is that, while you may sacrifice a good deal in quality materials (who really cares though, the furniture is just going to get lost or damaged when you move to your next apartment anyway), you don't have to sacrifice a sense of style. If Scandinavian or minimal interior design styles are your thing, there are a lot of charming products to choose from. The new 2017 STOCKHOLM collection is especially captivating, with tons of creative yet simply-crafted Scandinavian pieces that have the potential to make your space look much more expensive than it actually is with a little design magic. I mean, you could tell me this rattan chair came from Serena and Lily and I would totally believe you. If this isn't really your style, then you can "IKEA hack" pretty much anything in the store to make something completely custom and awesome. A simple search for "IKEA hacks" on Pinterest will take you down a long and pleasant rabbit hole of DIY delight.

Without further ado, you now have my permission to go shop till you drop. IKEA and Target have basically fully-furnished my entire apartment, so below I've picked out some of my favorite items for you to head over and take a look at.


A Millennial Love Letter To IKEA | Kayla Lynn